Second-Ever CS50x Coding Contest

David J. Malan

3 min readJan 31, 2017


On Friday the 13th (boo!) of January 2017 began the second-ever CS50x Coding Contest, the much-awaited sequel to 2016’s first-ever, thanks to our friends at HackerRank. This epic weekend of code invited CS50x students around the world to form teams with 0, 1, 2, or 3 classmates (or friends) and tackle a set of 10 programming challenges, all of them written (for Fall 2016’s on-campus coding contest) by CS50’s own undergraduate staff.

Just as the first contest was announced with some fanfare, thanks to CS50’s production team:

So was the second!

Notice how CS50’s saloon makes an appearance in the latest.

Teams had 3 days to tackle the contest’s 10 challenges, each of which had to be implemented in C:

  1. Ordinary Ordinals, by Chris Auclair
  2. Title Case, by Benjamin Doran
  3. Be Our Guest, by Brian Yu
  4. Parsum, by Francisco Trujillo
  5. AABB Collision Detection, by Thomas Lively
  6. Cats Eat Fish, by Annie Chen
  7. Framed, by Christopher Chen
  8. Six Degrees of Bill Gates, by Walter Martin
  9. When in Rome, by Zack Chauvin
  10. Feeding Garfield, by George Zhang

(Click the Editorial tab on each challenge’s page to see a sample solution.)

Students from all over the world registered, from 80 countries in total, with the most students from:

  1. India, with 207 students
  2. United States, with 124 students
  3. Egypt, with 22 students
  4. Brazil, with 17 students
  5. Canada, with 17 students
  6. Algeria, with 14 students
  7. United Kingdom, with 14 teams
  8. Pakistan, with 13 students
  9. Germany, with 11 students
  10. Turkey, with 11 students

Though apparently only Algeria took photos!

This is CS50 in Algeria.
This is CS50 in Algeria.

By weekend’s end, 51 teams had solved all 10 of the challenges, each of whom will be receiving a message via HackerRank!

  • altari, from Vietnam
  • challenge2017, from France
  • coders_010, from India and the United States
  • creepyfriends, from the United States
  • cs50_rusher, from Germany and Japan
  • cs50_unicamp, from Brazil and the United States
  • cs50irbis, from Montenegro and Portugal
  • dangereagle, from the United States
  • devcoders, from India
  • doublefish, from Kazakhstan
  • e_programmer, from Egypt
  • fearlesscoders, from India
  • frozenstring, from Jordan
  • gddn, from the United States
  • hack_maniax, from India
  • hackingllamas, from Peru
  • i_suck_at_names, from Serbia
  • iitbbs, from India
  • intangible1337, from Myanmar
  • itu_bees, from Turkey
  • itzteam, from India
  • just_kidding2, from Egypt
  • kookycooky, from the United States
  • lees_team, from the United States
  • les_caribous, from France and the United States
  • losnakes, from Taiwan
  • ManiAC111, from India and Spain
  • maniacs_code, from India
  • mauvegruffalos, from Argentina, Germany, and Slovenia
  • my_better_team, from the United States
  • myself_and_me_2, from Germany
  • name12, from India, Pakistan, Serbia, and the United States
  • obfuscatedcoders, from India
  • osu_tuan, from the United States
  • playerscoders, from India
  • puresu_in, from El Salvador and Japan
  • pyaepk, from Myanmar
  • ranarama, from France
  • rev_decoders2, from India
  • rootn00bs, from Georgia, India, and the United Kingdom
  • srandtimeNULL, from Thailand
  • sysplay, from India
  • team00, from India
  • team2347812837, from Singapore
  • team_of_me, from India
  • TeamESI, from Algeria
  • teamsenshi, from Japan
  • TOSCANiNi, from Egypt
  • the_burrs, from Mexico
  • tumbata, from Brazil
  • vishusachdeva228, from India
  • wild_boars, from Poland

Congratulations to all!




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